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Cure-alls for Problematic CRM to Boost Sales and Maximize Profitability

The client – a leader in online pharmaceuticals, offering an extensive array of products ranging from Ayurveda to allopathic medicines and everything in between, was suffering from poor management of customer relationships. Irrespective of their offerings, they were bleeding revenue to due high instances of shopping cart abandonment. We stepped in and identified poor integration between the dialer system and customer data management to be the main cause.

Deploying an Integrated and Centralized Solution

You would know from experience that lesser wait-time is one of the reasons why online shopping platforms have been increasingly gaining popularity and profitability over physical stores. We wanted to assure the same advantage for our client. That is why, once we identified the causes, we did not have to look far to come up with a solution.

Cogent designed a bespoke solution which included the following measures:

  • Integration of the dialer with Salesforce to ensure call data capture in real time
  • Creation of a central database on Salesforce and integration with the dialer system to help our client identify repeat customers suffering from chronic ailments. This made our sales process
    more informed and our customers feel cared for.
  • Identification of future customers based on purchase trends with seamless contact features.

We, at Cogent, thus helped our pharmaceutical client, set up a comprehensive and streamlined sales process and strengthen relationships with customers. Shopping cart abandonment has been drastically minimized, repeat purchases are a regular occurence, and turn-around-time (TAT) has radically improved.

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