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Cogent Hacks Backdated Voice Response Challenges to Streamline Calls and Delight Customers

Cogent’s intelligent voice response system was set up with the dual aim of reducing call volumes and solving customer concerns efficiently. With the implementation of our dynamic caller system, we were able to ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction by connecting callers with experienced and knowledgeable agents. At the same time, our IVR solution was able to achieve the more significant goal of call volume and wait-time reduction. We can directly attribute this to an automated call response mechanism that was able to handle customer queries independently, even after hours.

Cogent’s Blueprint: Dynamic Response Modules, Minimal Intervention

Our extensive experience in the customer service domain allowed us to design a blueprint specifically tailored to alleviate the client’s challenges. However, before applying corrective solutions to streamline call flow, Cogent performed a trend analysis to identify caller identities and call frequencies. Measuring call volumes during operational and non-operational hours was also a key part of the analysis. Ultimately, the lack of an automated, after-hours voice response system meant almost all calls and service requests had to be routed through live agents. In order to help our client boost call center customer experience, we applied the following measures:

  • Intelligent Voice Response: We integrated the client’s existing IVR with cloud through relevant web services and were able to create an after-hours customer response system. This also helped the client generate service requests, something that they were unable to achieve before.
  • Smart Caller Identification: We designed a smart caller identification tool to create an accurate caller database and make client servicing seamless. It not only facilitated immediate caller identification, but also allowed our agents to check for corresponding open or pending complaints.
  • Preferential Re-routing of Calls: The added benefit of having a smart caller ID — identifying customers with longstanding issues or complaints. To help close the gap between customer experience and satisfaction, we programmed the intelligent IVRs with an auto-reminder feature to highlight complaints that remained unresolved.


Live calls reduced by 26 percent


Service requests generated by the IVR


Drop in overall call volume, boosting profitability

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