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Creating Customer Feedback Channels through Multiple Technology Platforms

A few of our customers in the consumer white-goods, retail and e-commerce verticals were facing the challenge of getting accurate customer feedback. Customer satisfaction feedback was not obtained in a structured manner and feedback lack details and accuracy.

Solution Offered
  • We deployed customer satisfaction feedback mechanism where SMS was sent and automated IVR calls were made to the customers at their service request closure
  • Micro level feedback was captured using this approach where customer feedback pertaining to interaction was measured
  • Top-down approach to obtain net promoter score was also deployed where similar approach using SMS and IVR outbound dialer (or OBD) calls were made to random customers to gauge the overall satisfaction level of the brand
  • We created multiple sites/webpages for this purpose where links were sent using SMS to the customers to obtain their feedback
  • Enriched customer feedback was made available to our clients to better map the processes keeping customer satisfaction in mind
  • Different client verticals/departments can be gauged now based on the feedback available