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Geographic information systems (location mapping)

Our client, an automotive manufacturer, experienced difficulties in providing service during vehicle breakdowns due to constraints in tracking the location where the vehicles had broken down.

After our assessment, we proposed that our client’s then existing care systems be overhauled. These were the components of our plan:

Call Segregation
We set up a bifurcated line. Separate options were provided for on-road assistance and general assistance queries. We also simplified the process of filling in the client application form to minimise time spent on calls.

Defined Teams
Different teams were created to manage inbound and outbound calls for on-road assistance as well as general assistance queries. A separate outbound team was also created to manage ticket lifecycles. We did this to inject an element of proactiveness in customer handling: timely calls to dealerships and customers would ensure tickets were closed within the shortest possible time.

Customer Relationship Management
To add further value, we also created a customer relationship tool to ensure efficient ticket management. We assigned a specific completion time for each task. Once the specified deadline is crossed, a reminder will be automatically generated and sent to the CSA in charge of that task which helps eliminate manual tracking.

Location Tracking
We created an automated solution where a web-based (mobile friendly) uniform resource locators (or URL) was sent out to the drivers via SMS. Geolocation API available in the phone’s browser was utilised to obtain the latitude and longitude of the vehicle after allowing access to the phone’s location. A third party web mapping platform is used to plot the latitude and longitude of the vehicle to get the exact location where the vehicle had broken down.

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